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Ikorodu is blessed with rich cultural heritage that dates back to over three centuries ago. The adherents of traditional cultures from time immemorial organized fellowships and to date, they still celebrate such important festivals like Odun Osu, celebrated annually for the reigning Oba (Monarch); Oro festivals such as Magbo and Liwe, Eyibi or Agemo; Eluku, Odun Ogun (the god of iron) festival.

Like in other societies Ikorodu people are noted for organizing themselves for enjoyable social activities such as wedding, naming ceremony, new home warming burial outing. Beside, various age-groups and societies partake in Eid-el-Fitri and Eid-el-Kabir (Ileya) and Christmas festival as well.

Unfortunately, as at end of 1991, Ikorodu was yet to set aside a special Day for all indigenes from all walks of life (regardless of age, class or creed) to come together for an all embracing development goal and recognition of heroes among us.


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As at mid 1980’s communities around Ikorodu had started their own Community Day Celebration to mention a few – Igbogbo Day by the people of Igbogbo in Ikorodu Division; Obanta Day by the people of Ijebu – Ode; Agbowa – Ikosi Day; Ereke Day by the Ikenne – Remo people, Ayayo Day in Imota; Ekimogun Day in Ondo; and Lisabi Day by the Egbas in Ogun State.

Why was Ikorodu lagging behind in this regard? We have the resources needed to start community day celebration. The reason for the lag is not far fetched. There were some issues of the moment that had divided Ikorodu’s eminent elders particularly in the traditional institution. This lack of unity at the time enveloped the thought of staging community day celebration.

Amidst this unhealthy situation, Ikorodu News, in an editorial in its November 1988 edition emphasized the need for community Day celebration as a catalyst for positive change. This is an excerpt from the editorial.

There are many national holidays including religious festivals in which Ikorodu people participate very keenly. Locally too there are several traditional festivals that Ikorodu people hold and cherish. But we are yet to set aside a special day which would provide a forum for useful interactions among all indigenes of Ikorodu.

It should be a holiday for us all. During the day, we would take a reflection of our socio-political past and take a positive look into the future.

The memorable day should feature lectures or talks on the realities of our social past and present. It would be a day to reconcile different views pertaining to matters affecting our community. It would be a day to remember our fallen citizens who, during their life time had done Ikorodu proud either by their respective personal achievements or through their

contributions towards the social advancement of this great community.

The day should also witness the recognition of our living citizens in business and the professions who have displayed qualities worth emulating. Of course those in government are not to be left out even the farmer, the petty trader, the bricklayer and roadside mechanic should be considered for meritorious awards.

The awards, which should be complemented with prizes, would serve as a means of inculcating Godliness, selflessness, and hard work in our society.

The day should also feature our cultural heritage.

The event should be rounded off with a social party which should take place either at the Town Hall complex or on the foreground of the Ayangburen Palace. All social clubs should participate. It would be like a carnival.

We suggest a Saturday in the dry season – November or December. There should be thanksgiving service at the Central Mosque the previous Friday and at a Church the following Sunday.

Positive reactions from various sectors of Ikorodu society proved the effectiveness of the Ikorodu News editorial. Other community news papers Oriwu Sun and Nigerian News also made positive effort at awakening the citizen in this regard.

The clamour for staging Ikorodu Oga Day become more pronounced, though the elders were still feuding. Amidst all these, providence showed the path way to an all – embracing community day Celebration.

The journey towards that goal was quite rough in the beginning. We have good causes to thank the almighty God that all the obstacles were progressively removed.